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Dyke, just do it

Sweatmother presents Dyke, Just Do It, a multimedia live performance focusing on modes of dyke counternarratives and desire. It is a live and immersive experience with intergenerational performers and the screening of video work, with live visual manipulation of historical archive footage, filmed footage and commercial adverts.

The performance reflects on dyke representation in capitalist contexts, and how these can be co-opted and reclaimed into new realms of desire. Through a process of repurposing found footage and reworking archival text, pride slogans and advert taglines the piece explores how dyke culture can transform itself and overcome its assimilation into heteronormative modes of representation and censorship.

Sweatmother is an artist and filmmaker based in London. His moving image work blends performance, self-recorded documentation, internet and archival text/footage in order to explore and make visible queer lived experiences. Experimental techniques are often incorporated throughout his work such as the triple baked method, an original image making technique using a video synthesizer.

Sweatmother seeks to create art for his community to share, learn from and find solace in sensitive depictions of their shared raw realities and obscured histories. He continues to develop his visual art practice alongside his collaborations and lived experiences, proposing new ways the world can interact with otherness.

Sweat is the founder of Otherness Archive, a digital archive documenting queer films and its pioneers.


Concept, Audiovisual design, performance: Sweatmother
Movement direction: Eve Stainton
Producers: Natasha Chubbuck and Eve Veglio-Hüner
Sound composition: Jennifer Walton

Performers: emilyn claid, Spirit Doll, KVL, An(dre)a Spisto, WombMan (Jetsün Shenkyong-ma), Frank Belcourt, starlows, Amani.

Set + Costume Design: Guia Bertorello 

Set + Costume Design Assistant: Dylan McDonnell

Artist Care Person: Seyi Adelekun

Artist Assistant: Josie Long

Mentor: Phoebe Patey-Ferguson

Poster Design + Concept: Sweatmother

Poster Photography + Lighting: Cris Volpe

Poster Featuring: Lola Trifunovic + Sweatmother


With thanks to Kamila Serkebaeva


Supported and funded by Arts Council England and BALA Projects.

Isla/Island trailer

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