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Some words on the topic of social media

As a small child I  found myself surrounded by a mob of similarly aged children at the edge of a (lago) covered in dead leaves. I was told to jump in and that if I didn't jump in it would mean I was a poo poo head.



I said.

I'm a poo poo head.

I turned around and walked through the grass.

Years later, somewhere in the middle bit, I forgot about being a poo poo head and got in the (lago) as I was told it was the only way to promote myself as an artist.

After drowning for a bit and achieving some promotion but not enough to outweigh the drowning that was happening I got out and walked through the grass.

I now make hats with the words 'poo poo' on them.

If you would like to keep up to date with what is happening in my life, work and observations I will be sending out a newsletter. That's right a newsletter. 



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