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Produced and Hosted by: Andrea Spisto and Michelle Madsen

Plantasia FantasiaBEARS AT A PICNIC
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Bears at a Picnic (Naked and Laughing) was a radio show that was aired weekly on Resonance FM from 2018 until 2020. The show was hosted and produced by Michelle Madsen and Andrea Spisto and was an exploration of playfulness and vulnerability in the underbelly of the arts in the UK. Guests included: Vicky Falconer-Pritchard, Selena Godden, Dan Lees, Rob Auton, Faith Brandon,

Lucy Hopkins, Danni Spooner, Josh Glanc, Saskia Solomons, Ash Sarkar, Richard DeDomenici, Melissa Ronaldson, Alexandra Baybutt, Kestra Laurent, Sophie Duker, Lauren Steele,  Wesley Dykes, Crystal Stacey and many more. 

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