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Butch princesa

Devised and performed by Andrea Spisto

Dramaturg: Kit Griffiths

Choreography: Ted Rogers

Music Production: Hal Wheeler

Supported by: CASA Festival and Heroes of Fringe

Production Assistant: Faith Brandon-Blatch 

Photographer: Jahel Guerra

Butch Princesa is an unflinchingly emotional art explosion. Honest to the teeth and under the skin fun. Brave, joyful, and fiery. A show full of insights into gender boundaries, politics and human magic.

NOMINEE: Broadway World Awards 2019 – Best Cabaret Show

NOMINEE: Lukas Awards 2019 – Performance Artist of the Year

NOMINEE: Lukas Awards 2019 – Theatrical Production of the Year

“So unique it takes the category box and smashes it into oblivion”

The List

Christina Gullick
Christina Gullick

“A potent combination of intersectional critique and collective consideration.”

The Scotsman

Christina Gullick
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